About Us

How We Started

MusicianLink was created to provide high-quality, real-time Internet audio and video streaming tools enabling musical performance and collaboration over the Internet as if in the same physical space.

In 2008, MusicianLink was awarded a National Science Foundation grant for a cooperative research project with Stanford University. Numerous prototypes and firmware versions later, the jamLink was born. The jamLink is a low-cost, low-latency audio adapter which consistently provides the lowest latency, highest-quality audio collaboration experience across the Internet.

MusicianLink Team

Dave Willyard, Co-founder & CEO
Prior to MusicianLink, David was a Sales Director for PerSe Technologies, and has also been a Systems Engineer for three networking and security startups in Silicon Valley. With more than 20 years as a performing musician and songwriter, Dave is a drummer and sets the tempo for MusicianLink.

Chris Chafe, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Adviser
As Director of Center for Computer Research in Music & Acoustics at Stanford University, his research culminated in several published papers focusing on network music collaboration and Internet acoustics. Chris is an internationally recognized composer and cellist.

Juan-Pablo Caceres; Software Development
Originally from Santiago, Chile, Juan-Pablo is currently finishing his PhD in computer
music at the Center for Computer Research in Music & Acoustics at Stanford University.
His research focusess on performance systems for Internet music, and he performs
regularly with people around the globe.